technically speaking, avallach technology is a business, specifically MY web/internet/technology business. however…

after several years and an endless cycle of tinkering with formats, putting stuff together, pulling it back into one, splitting it out gain, I have now arrived at a setup I am most comfortable with.

if you’re stuck in life, finding that eastern-inspired personal development doesn’t work for you, or just looking for some entertaining ranting and swearing… go to for my “philosophy of ‘fuck it'”

if you’re a part-time “wahm” hobby business owner, small social club owner or anyone else needing a web site, web advice and absolutely no need for all the usual bullshit, cliched advice and methods… get a refreshing new perspective, and even a low cost simple-but-effective web solution at the wahm zone

if you’re a female, australian, professional, “solopreneurial”, services-based, personal consultancy provider of some kind (coaching, doula services, keynote speaker, author, pizza oven hire specialist, cockatoo behaviour expert or whatever)… craft your online presence and build a dedicated following by availing yourself of the services of WAHM Website Success

if you feel the urge to get in touch – use this, but please don’t bother getting in touch if you want to “sell” me some seo snake oil or offer some bullshitty “partner” deal whereby i load my site with shitloads of your spammy links…

please DO get in touch if you want to know more about me, the business, the stuff I work on or if you want to give me huge wads of cash (exiled nigerian princes excepted)

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